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The Canadian Branch of the Order of St. John began informally in 1883, when the inaugural first aid course was held in Quebec City. The Order’s first Canadian ambulance division was established in London, Ontario, in 1909. Queen’s First Aid (QFA) Campus Response Team is a division of St. John Ambulance. QFA has been serving the Queen’s community since 1986.


The team was founded originally as a club for those learning about first aid by Dr. Ronald Goldstein (Arts ‘86) and Dr. James McSherry (Director of Student Health Services). The club first exclusively attended intramural events prior to transitioning to a 24/7 on-call service in 2001.

All QFA members are trained to the level of Advanced Medical First Responder through the St. John Ambulance program. Additionally, all courses offered through Queen's First Aid are under the St. John Ambulance curriculum as well

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